Lil Miss Hot Mess

Co-created for the International Documentary Challenge. Premiered at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Read about the production here.

The United States of Football

TrueNorth Health Video

Directed, shot and edited by Jana Bolotin. TrueNorth Health Center educates participants on the benefits of healthy living and on the use of fasting as a tool to improve diet and lifestyle.

We Ride

Music video for The Kyle Turley Band. Produced & Edited by Justin Bergeron & Jana Bolotin.

Alo! 86th Street

A semi fictionalized experimental autobiography that explores contemporary post Soviet Jewish Identities and various themes of immigration and displacement. Premiered at The Olympia Film Festival 2009.

The World as I Found It

A short video art comprised of roughly 3000 photographs. Created for a media program at The Evergreen State College in 2007.